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Why powerpoints and PDFs are the reporting of yesterday?

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Why powerpoints and PDFs are the reporting of yesterday?

Technology has come a long way in the last decade. There was a time when the hardest part of reporting was finding the page number for a print mention. Skip forward to today, in the era of YouTube clips, blog posts, twitter statuses and Instagram stories. Professionals need to include these medias in a report that reflects the latest figures even when the likes and values are still fluctuating.

With technology coming so far you’d think you’d be past the days of manually screenshotting posts that become out of date almost the second you capture them. The idea of including the screenshots in your reports is always lovely, but often you’re three hours into putting 100 mentions on a PowerPoint, and your screenshots are already out of date. Unfortunately, accurate manual reporting is a lost cause in the dynamic world of social media. 

There are a lot of fatal flaws in PowerPoint reporting

Engagement metrics becoming almost instantly out of date with each screenshot 

Figures highlighting the ‘totals’ of metrics needing to be manually updated per new mention added 

PDF versions of reports needing to be redownloaded and resent with each amendment 

Screenshotting every piece of coverage in the report 

Formatting the report to look ready for clients, presentations and bosses 

Searching for insights surrounding online and print publication mentions 

Manually capturing the number of social media followers an account has 

Manually finding the number of comments and likes a post has 

Calculating the value a post generated for the report 

Changing the total value a platform had on your report for each additional post that gets added to the report 


Is there something better out there?


It’s safe to say there are a lot of tasks within manual reporting that makes you fantasise about life as a lifeguard or pilot. Believe it or not, technology has innovated past this, making Powerpoints and PDFs the reporting of yesterday. There is now a way to computerise all these manual tasks and produce an even better result than any manual report could. 

Market View Online has created automated reports that do everything for you. They automatically screenshot your coverage, but they make each mention clickable so you can see all the live metrics you miss in PowerPoint. The Market View Online reports update metrics automatically and maintains one dynamic report link regardless of all the last minute mentions you add. This means you have one version of the same report that you can update at any time. 

We have progressed past the days of using a horse and carriage for transport, frankly because there more efficient ways to get around. Let’s progress past the days of PowerPoint and pdf reportings because innovation exists to make your life easier.



Ellen Warfield

Specialist in Media Evaluation