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Market View Online has been working in the public relations, advertising and marketing industry for over 15 years. Consequently well aware of the timely toll that reporting has on an average workday. In light of this and with the simple knowledge that computers make our lives easier we knew that today’s reporting tools are not what they could be. Therefore it’s time to use technology to make life easier.

When developing our tool we didn’t only want to replace the way professionals used to do reporting, we set out to dramatically improve the efficiency and aesthetics of reporting.

Everything centres around it, PR, advertising and marketing which is why today’s aesthetics are everything. Market View Online reports centre around aesthetics so you can go straight from reporting to the presentation room.

21st-century technology is certainly dynamic and always evolving. However, this can make it difficult to forecast and prove ROI, as well as highlight earned and organic media. With this simple idea in mind, our tool has been developed to explicitly showcase your wins!

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